Counting Events - 2001


Below is a list of the counting events for the 2001 series in the final order that they took place. Both the Swindon and Chippenham events were cancelled but you can access the result of each event that took place and the final points standings by clicking on the links to the left.

Event No. Event Date
1 Bath C.C.  Hilly '30' 25th March
2 Dursley R.C. Hilly '24' 16th April
3 Trowbridge C.C. Hilly '24' 22nd April
4 Cheltenham & County C.C. Hilly '23' 7th May
5 Westbury Wheelers '26' 13th May
6 Weston Wheelers '26' 24th June
7 WTTA '100' 15th July
8 Gloucester City C.C. '30' 5th August
9 Severn R.C. Hilly '27' 1st September
10 Swindon R.C. '25' 13th October
11 Chippenham & District Wheelers Hilly '24' 20th October
12 Bristol South Hill climb 21st October

The season's competition along with most of the country was adversley affected by the Foot & Mouth outbreak. The WTTA Hilly was lost while the Chippenham & Severn events were rescheduled for the end of the season. The Swindon 25 was brought in as a replacement for the WTTA event but, as with the Chippenham event, was cancelled.

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