Course Maps - U601


The U601 is used for the Severn RC Sporting '23' and WTTA Sporting '23'.

Course description:
START: At kerb drain immediately south of lay-by at southern most limit of Tormarton village and just north of M4 crossing on unclassified road between Marshfield and Tormarton. GR Ref. ST771783. Proceed south on unclassified road and cross over the M4 and on, descending into Broadmead Brook valley (H1) to junction with A420 at Marshfield (J1). Turn left and continue east on A420 through The Shoe and Ford to junction of A420 with B4039 where left (J2 & H2). Continue north west on B4039 through Yatton Keynell, Castle Combe, Burton (H3) to Acton Turville. Take first left on arriving in Acton Turville (J3) GR ST 808 807 onto unclassified road (H4) and continue west towards Tormarton where first left onto unclassified road GR ST 769 791 (J4). Continue into Tormarton (H5) where left at sharp “T” junction (J5). On leaving Tormarton, past start, continue south on unclassified road over M4 and crossing through Broadmead Brook valley (H6) to finish. FINISH: At southern entrance to cemetery GR ST781742, just north of A420. (23mi approx)

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